Easy, gorgeous and fun, you can start the day as a sleek professional – then transition quickly into a midnight star!

  • No need for bulky, messy, expensive and confusing makeup kit.
  • Mineral products are healthy and skin-enhancing.
  • Quick techniques save time and money but look rich!

Watch Linda Valenzuela show you how.

Retexturizing Face Primer

Conditions skin to hold cosmetics and extend the stability throughout the day – till midnight!

  • Money and Time Saver!
  • Healthy, skin-loving support.

Retexturizing Face Primer


Hides rough patches, brightens eyes and mouth.

  • Instant beautifying and age-minimizing results!


Mia Cosmetics Concealer

Evens skin tone, provides UV protection (anti-aging!), and extends staying power of detail cosmetics.

  • Mineral formula is long-lasting and enriches skin.


Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation

Captures and completes the essential layers for a long-lasting, naturally gorgeous face!

  • Provides UV protection (anti-aging)!
  • Adds durability to the cosmetics to get you through the day till midnight.


Mineral Powder Foundation Pressed
Mineral Blush Loose
MINERAL blush loose

Enhance those cheekbones and make your eyes twinkle like stars!

  • Provides UV protection (anti-aging) and enriches the skin.
  • Long-lasting formula with a natural-blending warmth.


lush mascara

Luxurious eyelashes are the frame to the brilliant beauty of your eyes!

  • Gentle, non-irritating formula.
  • Thickens and lenghtens lashes in a clean finish.

Lush Mascara
Triple Split Shadow
triple split shadow- Avenue Trio

All-in-one purse-friendly eye-shadow pot to get your day started and then quickly refresh after work.

  • Rich hues and touch of sparkle.
  • Healthy and gentle on the delicate skin of the eyelid.
  • Provides UV protection (anti-aging) and long-lasting.


    mineral gems

    Gold and Summer Sapphire
    Little makeup treasures of pure mineral colors that look like crushed jewels to highlight your eyes.

    • Unbelievable colors and brilliance!
    • Easy to apply and adjust depth of color.
    • Healthy and gentle on the delicate skin of the eyelid.


    Mineral Gems Eye Shadow
    Eyeliner Sealer
    eyeliner sealer

    Establishes a foundation for MINERAL GEMS to prolong its adherence in the trickiest spot of all makeup – no more droopy eyeshadow in the afternoon.

    • Easy to use, non-irritating.
    • Extends the quality and finish of your eyeliner.

    powderline pencils

    Completes the effect and polish of the whole look, connecting the eyeshadow to the mascara – makes the eyes POP!

    • Non-irritating, versatile application.


    Bent Eyeliner Brush

    Important tool to get the most beautiful and professional results!

    Intuitive design is so easy to use for finest detailing.

    Pencils and Brushes
    luxe creamliner

    Takes the eye to a lustrous new level – this is the Day to Midnight SNAP!

    • Fast sophistication and glamour.
    • Easy to apply, long-lasting, non-irritating formula.


    Luxe Cremeliner
    Super Gloss
    super gloss spf 15

    Put some sexy punch to your pout with a neutral yet totally eye-catching finish!

    • Neutral tone enhances all the work and detail in the eyes.
    • Moisturizing, light-reflecting gloss is naturally sexy.
    • Most flattering shade for absolutely everyone!


    Learn from Premier Stylist Linda Valenzuela how to achieve the Day to Midnight Look!

    Products Used on the Video:

    • Retexturizing Face Primer
    • Triple Split Shadow - Avenue
    • Mineral Gems - Gold
    • Mineral Gems - Summer Sapphire
    • Crème Liner - Midnight
    • Bent Eyeliner Brush
    • Super Gloss - Nectar

    Complementing Products:

    • Mineral Foundation
    • Concealer
    • Mineral Powder Foundation Pressed
    • Blush
    • Lush Mascara
    • Eyeliner Sealer
    • Powderliner Pencils

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